Stephen Wood

We’ve all played with mud as children, well most of us have; and enjoyed with our whole bodies that sensorial contact with the material. It’s one of the things I love about making with clay – I feel grounded, right in the moment.

I first sat at a potter’s wheel when I was 17. I was studying something else at the time, but kept being drawn back to the art department, to throw pots.

Later on at university, again I was studying something else, but spent an increasing amount of time in the Art School where the head of ceramics, who apparently liked having a refugee from academia, let me throw pots after his ‘proper’ students had gone home.

I practised whenever I got the chance, and when I met Sylwia, I was able to develop my technique in a much more systematic way.

Wheelthrowing 90%
Design 70%
Handbuilding 70%
Woodfiring 50%