Looking for an answer?

How do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up by sending us a text or an email, giving us a call or by coming in person to the pottery.

How much do classes cost?

We sell classes in blocks of six which you can use up at your own convenience.

Block of six wheelthrowing classes – £175

Block of six handbuilding classes – £125

Block of six beginners classes (introduction to basic techniques of both handbuilding and wheelthrowing) £150

How long are the classes?

Classes generally last for two and a half hours.

Does the cost include materials and tools?

The cost of classes comprises time, tools and all materials, glazes and firings. Occasionally there may be a small surcharge if you dementedly make a hundred terracotta warriors which we then have to dutifully fire.

What do I have to bring to the class?

You have to bring curiosity, openness, willingness to learn, patience, humility … and in due time maybe the odd bottle of wine. And wear old clothes.

Is booking essential?

In general we all feel happier if we Know What We’re Doing. So please feel free to let us know you’re coming:

Open Studios – at least one week ahead, but sometimes there are spaces on the night so you can always phone on spec and see

Group bookings – the earlier the better. We have to fit these into our regular schedule. We don’t keep particular days open for this so you need to book.

Beginner’s Classes – there is a waiting list for these  so text or call us and we can pop you onto it and let you know when there’s a space.

How can I pay?

We can take cash, cheque, debit or credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

When can I take my pot home?

Once you’ve made something in class, it will need a few days to dry in the air. After this it will be bisque fired in one of our kilns, then you will usually glaze it, and after that it will be glaze-fired, after which you can take it home. This whole journey can take two to four weeks depending on how busy we are.

I've bought a block of six classes. What happens if I miss one?

Although you’ve bought a block of six, and it’s better to maintain consistent attendance for learning and making purposes, you don’t have to attend these classes consecutively. If you miss one it’s no big deal. You can just carry it over to the next session you attend.

How much are the pieces on display in your shop?

All our ware is individually priced. There is something to suit everyone’s pocket: prices vary from £5 to £300.

How long do I have to collect my finished pot?

Once your pot has been glaze-fired and it’s ready to take home we’ll usually inform you one way or another and then you have six weeks to take it home. After that it will be sent, Dick-Whittington style, out into the world to seek its fortune as we simply don’t have the shelf space.

Is your ware food-safe?

In general all of our ware for sale is high-fired glazed stoneware, which is food safe, microwave- and dishwasher safe. In those instances where some experimental sculptural piece made out of porous black clay or something isn’t safe to eat or drink from we will make that clear at the point of sale.

Can I sculpt a scale model of David's Wreck of the Medusa?

If you have prior experience of working with clay and are competent and confident to embark on your own projects then of course we can arrange for you to join one of our open studios, provide clay and tools, glaze and fire your work for you. Generally beginners are better off joining one of our classes and gaining skills and knowledge before realising their higher ambitions in this medium.

Is it like the movie GHOST?

Not really, no.