Dear Friends, Students, Visitors – COVID 19 update

The studio is now closed and will remain so until the official guidance on social interaction is relaxed. Then we will open again, and resume our busy programme of teaching, facilitating and making.

In the meantime there is plenty you can do to engage with clay. Youtube has an almost inexhaustible supply of tutorial and inspirational videos – some better than others of course but have a browse. Pinterest is good for visual ideas to get you started. If you want to do some handbuilding at home we recommend you order some good regular clay like St Patrick College Buff from, devise a project using whatever resources you can find, and each day spend some time with clay. Dry your pieces carefully at room temperature. Once we are all allowed out of our homes again we will fire your pieces for a small fee.

If you are thinking of doing this remember not to make anything too big otherwise firing it becomes a challenge.

If you want advice about this, or any aspect of clay work please feel free to get in touch.

While all this is going on, stay safe, maintain your relationships as best you can and remember that a regular art practice, whatever it is, will help you maintain a healthy balance.

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