All levels, all welcome.

Whether you’ve never touched clay in your life or you’re a more experienced
maker looking to develop, you are welcome at Mud Station. We run an ongoing programme of classes for those who want to
learn the basics and make progress.

Beginner’s Classes

This is a general introduction to both handbuilding and wheelthrowing for people who have no prior experience of working with clay, offering an informal supportive learning environment. £150 for six.

Handbuilding Classes

An introduction to handbuilding techniques inc. Pinching, coiling, slab building. £25 each or £125 for six

Wheelthrowing Classes

An introduction to the main techniques you will need to become competent at throwing a pot on the wheel such as centering, opening and lifting; if you already have some experience, these sessions offer the opportunity to practise intensively and with guidance develop your own technique. £35 each or £175 for six.

Kids’ Classes

Run seasonally, project-led, fun sessions for young makers. Contact us for more information about upcoming classes.

One-off Classes

We have a lot of requests for one-off classes. Maybe you or someone you know just wants to give it a try – and why not? At the moment however we are only able to offer one-off classes at our discretion, which means that sometimes we will be able to say ‘yes’ and sometimes the answer will be ‘thanks for your call, maybe another time’. The reasons being: the pottery is usually very busy and we can’t always fit in a one-off class, especially at short notice; pottery is a very means-dependent craft and running lots of one-off classes for individuals isn’t good for us financially (although we would say it becomes more viable for us if you invite your friends – up to a maximum of about six). Plus, we often end up with lots of unclaimed pots afterwards, and till we discover an extra room we didn’t know was there – which is statistically possible – shelf space is limited.  Give us a call though and we’ll always consider it.

Weekly Class Timetable

Monday Open Studio 7pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday Beginners 7pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday Open Studio 7pm – 9.30pm
Thursday Open Studio 7pm – 9.30pm
Saturday Open Studio 11am – 1.30pm
Sunday Beginners 2pm – 4.30pm

Lessons usually take about two and a half hours.

Price includes tuition, all tools and materials. No additional costs.

Tea and coffee provided.

Attendance is flexible, no problem if you have to miss a week or two – you can buy a block of six and just come when you can. Please do let us know in advance when you will or won’t be coming so we can arrange the class accordingly.

Contact us with your questions or to make a booking.