Aneta Pieta

I make delicate, lively, colourful forms based on winged figures such as angels or butterflies and the idea of flight. I have always been fascinated with colours and the emotions they evoke.

I am looking for combinations between different techniques, taking inspiration from my painting and drawing. When I am creating – often with a sooting melody playing in the background – I feel an overwhelming sense of calm, like I have been accompanied by angels to a place of complete serenity.

It is no surprise, then, that many of my ceramic works have winged figures; as the angel is so emblematic of mystery and peace, so too is the creative process. I combine various techniques of decoration; such as underglaze paints, underglaze pencils, different glazes and decorating slips. This enables me to explore a whole range of a new forms, compositions, colour combinations and this voyage is one that I very much enjoy sharing with others.

Handbuilding 100%
Design 70%
Painting 90%

Aneta's works